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Celebrating HER VOICE at The Music Space

March 15, 2022

Throughout March, we have been celebrating the fantastic women making music around International Women’s Day. Equality and diversity run deep in our veins, and we always try to champion as many different types of artists from a multitude of backgrounds, to keep our shows in The Music Space sounding fresh but also to let female artists know that they all have a place behind the mic.

Our local shows have been always spotlighting local female artists on special shows, and this is a perfect time to praise female artists for the excellent music being made.

Find incredible music from women-identifying artists in this list of diverse and dynamic women artists, voices, and musicians.

Sarah Chafei

Sarah Chafei is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, mental health advocate, women’s football league player, and small custom art business owner based in Jeddah. At only twenty-three, she’s in the process of writing original songs and has dreams of building a community of creatives in Jeddah. Her voice is unmatched and unmistakable!

Asmaa Naga

Asmaa Naga is a Saudi-based Pianist and Singersongwriter whose writings are inspired by her everyday life. She is with a passion for learning and travel, and music is her companion on this endless journey. She is also a performer and lead singer and pianist of Keys, Stix, and Sax, a trio band that has performed many times on The Music Space’s stage. Asmaa has dreams of having her music heard and felt on the seven continents!


Nourah is a Saudi singer and songwriter. She has a deep passion for music, culture, and social impact. She has performed at many public and private events all around the kingdom including The Music Space. Her voice shouldn’t be missed!


A jazz and blues singer, Loulwa Al-Sharif has been singing for eight years. The larger-than-life singer has been the talk of the town for years, delivering high and low notes with passion. Her voice is hitting the high notes and creating crowd-pleasing beats on The Music Space stages.


Rafal is one of Jeddah’s emerging female singers and songwriters and had her own band appearance on the TMS stage in July 2021, Rafal also writes her own music and will soon release a few singles!


If you’ve been on our social account, you’ll have seen our celebration of the female introducing artists we’ve worked with - both past and present. Our aim is to show solidarity for emerging female artists in Saudi Arabia and we want to make music a less intimidating space for them.

We must keep opening the doors and creating opportunities for all local talents.

Diversity makes the most beautiful music, and we intend to share that with the world.