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Da7eena Funk: The Reason Why Crowds Go Wild!

Da7eena Funk.. This unique funky band managed to leave a giant print in the hearts of eager Jeddah crowds.

January 31, 2022

"The more musically open-minded you are, the more you play different genres of music, the better you will be at the genre you want to play!" says Abdullah Faisal, the founder of Da7eena Funk and creative director of The Music Space.

It's a quote that comes to mind while watching a live performance by Da7eena Funk in The Music Space. The band's name refers to "now funk" in Hijazi accent, and they constantly aspire to demonstrate live music at its finest while supporting local talents.

After the pandemically restricted times of 2020, Da7eena Funk created a safe haven for music lovers all around Jeddah when they first played at The Music Space's stage in 2021. They immediately reminded the crowd of the power trio "Jimi Hendrix Experience" of the 90s, made up of Mosab Altareefi on guitar, Abdullah Faisal on drums, and last but not least, Ahmad Yassin as the bass music player.

This unique funky band managed to leave a giant print in the hearts of eager Jeddah crowds. These guys know how to have a fun experience and ignite the crowd like wildfire! Their skillful and melodic music blends so well with vocals of local artists song after song, while everyone attending is enjoying it!

Every show that the band announces is completely sold out within seconds, so what makes them special? Da7eena Funk band is winning new fans every day since they play all of your favorite music genres! From funk, blues, jazz fusion, to hip-hop, and R&B… nothing is out of reach with Da7eena Funk.

Moreover, The band has hosted angelic new voices that slide right to your heart and calm your senses, such as Rafal and Loulwa.

The stage at TMS is set with changing spotlights gleaming between musicians, creating an exciting atmosphere that everyone can feel. With the support of upcoming local artists like Nawaf, Adham, and Talal, Da7eena Funk promises you a night of unforgettable memories!

The mere act of listening to Da7eena Funk perform their magic is a joyous experience that begins with a set of upbeat tunes that make the audience feel like they're a part of something special. Their unique musical approach is evident right off the bat. The songs they choose to play speak volumes and give the crowd a feeling of energy; thus, they have everyone's nod of approval and a rupture of applause.

And so, there you are, sitting between ranks of music audience, near the stage and across the spotlights, listening to the beautiful vocal echoes of new hidden talents. You won't be able to miss a single show for Da7eena Funk!

There aren't many things that compare to attending a show in TMS in terms of enjoyment and fulfillment! You'll find that this venue offers you the most liberating aspects of life, such as stepping away from one's daily routine and familiar surroundings to meeting new people, eating delicious snacks, and singing along with artists of your choosing!

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