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Top 5 Music Genres You Need To Listen To In Your Life

Here are five music genres that will help you feel good and look good too!

February 8, 2022

Music is a big part of everyone’s life. Whether you listen to it in the car, while walking down the street, or at home after a long day at work, it can have a major impact on your mood and attitude. 

Music can be used for just about anything from creating a dance party to helping you fall asleep. That being said, not all music is created equally. 

Here are five music genres that will help you feel good and look good too!

1) Classical

Classical music is a category of art music. Its formal styles can be divided into three periods: early (ca. 1450-1750), middle (ca. 1750-1820), and late (ca. 1820 to present). The earliest classical period was dominated by polyphonic styles and instrumental forms, which developed into complex art forms in the middle and late classical periods, such as opera, symphony, and choral music.

2) Blues

Long before rock ‘n’ roll, there was blues. Originating from African American communities in the Southern United States, early blues music featured a heavy emphasis on call-and-response; it often had a religious element and played a key role in inspiring modern genres like jazz and gospel. Modern blues is still around—and it’s more popular than ever! Learn more about how musicians mix things up with their unique take on classic blues sounds. ...And that's just scratching the surface!

3) Hip Hop/Rap

Hip-hop/rap music has been more popular in Arab culture. Initially performed by small groups in informal settings, it has grown into a musical genre that covers numerous sub-genres. For example, one of these sub-genres includes alternative hip hop. Hip hop is well on its way to expanding beyond radio and even into different avenues for entertainment.

4) Rock

Rock, also called rock & roll, or rock ’n’ roll, is a form of popular music that emerged in the 1950s. Rock music is a popular music genre that combines elements of rhythm, blues, jazz, and country music with the addition of electric instruments. This genre is built on two critical terms: the presence and its use of technology emphasizing on the individual voice is a unique sonic presence.

5) Folk

Folk music is one of those genres that you can find in just about every part of the world, and it has started to shine in the Arab world as well. Folk instruments range from stringed guitars and banjos to ukuleles, violins, and recorders. It was first emerged in Europe as a combination of several musical styles at around 1800 A.D. but really started gaining popularity as a distinct genre in its own right after 1900.

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